Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of the popular questions people ask our Skydive Paradise team. If you need to know something, chances are the answer is below, if not just give us a bell on 0800 475 934 or email us on We are happy to help!

How long do I Freefall for?
From 15,000ft you will freefall for 65 seconds, from 12,000ft you will freefall for 45 seconds

How fast do I Freefall?
Maximum speed is about 200kph!

How long is the Flight?
If you are skydiving from 15,000ft, it takes about 15 minutes to reach altitude.

What kind of Plane do you have?
We operate a PAC 750 with a 750 horse power engine.

What do I need to bring?
A need for adventure! You just need shoes that are secure and won’t fall off so no sandals or jandals. You’ll also need some warm layers of clothing depending on the season, especially in the colder months where we do recommend that multiple layers are more suitable than one large jacket.

Do you have free lockers at your Dropzone?
Yes, we have free lockers where you can put your extra belongings while you are skydiving.

I wear prescription glasses, do I have to take these off for my Skydive?
No! We have goggles that will fit over your glasses.

I wear contact lenses, is this OK?
Yes! But we do suggest you bring your contact solution just in case your lenses dry out.

What about your Safety Record?
Our management team has over 30 years experience in tandem skydiving and all of our instructors have done over 1,000 tandem skydives – some over 22,000 jumps! All parachutes are fitted with reserve chutes and automatic opening devices.

How do I get there?
Our meeting point is from the New Zealand Skydive Centre in the middle of town in Queenstown at 35 Shotover St). From there we will take you to and from the Dropzone where you skydive.

Do you allow spectators?
Depending on space availability, spectators can join our trips for free. Please book at the same time as your tandem skydive. We will confirm whether or not there is space available for spectators at the time of your weather check on the day of your skydive. Your friends and family are also welcome to drive themselves to our dropzone and watch.

Can I take my camera on the plane with me?
No, this is due to safety reasons, but you can take photos on the ground while getting ready. There are options for photos and video to remember your experience. For more information please click here.

What if the departure doesn’t go ahead due to the weather?
Where possible we will reschedule you to another departure time. This will be discussed with you before any changes are made.

What if I can’t reschedule because I’m leaving town?
If you cannot re-arrange to another trip, you will be refunded in full from wherever you originally paid.

Can I drive to the Glenorchy Dropzone myself?
Yes you can, but only after you’ve made a confirmed booking with the reservations team and you’ve informed them you are driving yourself out there. Please check with us before you drive out there that the trip is going ahead, due to weather.